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Routes through the beaches and coves of l’Escala

L’Escala is not only a great destination for the summer holidays but also with the arrival of good temperatures it gives us good reasons for making a getaway and strolling beside the sea. Talking of the sea you have to know that you will find here more than seven kilometres of coastline from extensive sandy…


The top 5 dishes with a taste of the sea

The month of May is for many people the beginning of one of the sweetest, most longed for and ideal times of the year for trying the best dishes with a taste of the sea. Luckily, in the Mediterranean diet there are thousands of recipes which bring a bit of the Mediterranean Sea to our table.…


Kilometer zero marks a tendency

The expressions local product, proximity product, ecological product and kilometer zero are being used more and more,  and now form part of the day to day of many restaurants in Catalonia and, this is true for Can Miquel on the Costa Brava. What is kilometer zero? If we concentrate on kilometer zero the first question…


The Costa Brava, a cinema set

The Costa Brava has established itself as one of the tourist destinations par excellence thanks to the beauty of its natural spots. It is precisely this beauty and the singularity of its spots that have made this area of the Catalan coast an ideal setting for shooting all kinds of films which we wanted to…


What shall we do in l’Escala at Easter?

If l’Escala is your chosen destination for the coming Easter holidays you should know that you will be spoilt for choice as regards spending a few days with the family enjoying the nature of this paradise on the Costa Brava. Below we will go over some of the things that you will be able to…


Do you know the tour of the Municipal district of l’Escala?

L’Escala offers us excellent suggestions for enjoying our free time: from good gastronomy to hiking routes to breathe the fresh air and to get to know natural beauty spots. Cala Montgó, the starting point The tour begins at Cala Montgó and from the beach itself we head for the centre of l’Escala via Trenca Braços…