our menu

Entrants freds


Beef carpaccio toast with foie 3,5€/u

Shrimp Ceviche ”Taco”, mango and green apple 3,5€/u

Iberian ham, bread with tomato 22€

Anchovies ”el Xillu”, bread with tomato 13€

Ham croquetes 9€

Cod fritters, parsley aioli 9

Fried calamari 12€

”Chicharrón”, Pan-fried octopuss, jalapeño sauce 14€

Prawns with garlic 19

Barbecued mussels 12€

Citrus steamed mussels 12€

Grilled Sardines 12€

Our ”Patatas Bravas” 7


Tomatoes from « Empordà » salad, tuna belly capers and spring onion 12€

Round steak salad, walnuts and parma cheese 12€

Tuna tartar with guacamole 15€

Marinated salmon toast, poached egg and tartare sauce 14€

Pizzeta with Fontina Cheese, sobrassada from Mallorca 12€

Local Bonito tataki, hummus, sesame and soy sauce 13€



Grilled squids with ratatouille 19€

Baked monkfish with potatoes 24

Barbecued turbot with small vegetables 25€

Barbecued seabass 28€ p/p

Barbecued Fish of the boats 35€ p/p


Barbecued beef carpaccio with herbs oil 16€

Grilled lamb ribs with “chimichurri” sauce 18€

Duck breast, pumpkin and orange puree, Hoisin sauce 16€

“Empordà Burguer”, Wagyu Burguer from Empordà, Pyrenees cheese, tomato and self made ketchup 15€

Grilled T-bone (±500 g), red piquillo peppers and french fries 24€

Traditional baked lamb shoulder 20€

Grilled Chateaubriand, grain mustard, rosemary sauce (min 2 per) 25€ p/p



Mixed paella with octopus, catalan sausage and artichokes (min 2 per) 19€ p/p

Seafood paella with prawns, clams and small cuttlefish (min 2 per) 23€ p/p

“Rossejat”, Noodles with scampi (min 2 per) 23€ p/p

Lobster rice (min 2 per) 28€ p/p

Barbecued mountain rice cassoulette (min 2 per) 18€  p/p

Barbecued vegetables paella (min 2 per) 16€ p/p

Rigatoni with lobster, tomato, basil and black olives 18€

Bread 1€
Bread with tomato 3€
French fries 3,5€